Mazemonogatari - Kyouko Balance 002


I still don't know what's the correct way to read the name of that park, is it "Rouhaku" or "Namishiro"? It's roughly at the same distance from three train stations: "Higashinao", "Nakanao" and "Minaminao". It's like each train station is the closest one to the park, making this place extremely well located. But in reality, each station is also the furthest one, making it also very inconvenient.

Not far from the park, there is a peaceful residential area whose construction recently finished. It's a long walk from the train station but it's not like the park is famous.

It's also not the kind of park where there's only a swing and a slide, it's in fact a particularly spacious park. As a third-year high school student who's too old to use such equipments, all I can do is sit and relax on a bench. There is really nothing to do.

But today, it seems it will be different.

Because there was someone on the bench. Not seated but lying down, sleeping soundly. I can distinguish what appears to be an adult silhouette.

My first reaction was "such a bothersome adult", but then I noticed a very characteristic white hair. At first I thought it was an old person, but looking at it more closely, it was clearly not the case.

A female in her twenties I would say.

She was wearing a loose sweater and a long denim skirt. On the side of the bench were khaki boots that she probably took off before sleeping. They were put straight up just like they had a will of their own.

Close to her white hair that she used as a pillow were a pair of stylish glasses. She probably also removed them before going to sleep.

At any rate, seeing this kind of fashionable woman is a rare sight in this provincial city, and I was feeling kind of uncomfortable seeing her sleeping on that bench. She looks like she came from another world. It is also clear that she will have an important role to play in this story.


As for me, today I had things to do and there was no particular reason for me to come to Namishiro Park. I know that I should go back to my occupations but I simply couldn't.

She was not disturbing the public order, but I can't leave this defenseless young woman alone, and I don't intend to overlook the fact it's not a good thing for her to be sleeping in this kind of place.

There's a lot of strange people in this city.

Hanekawa would never overlook a situation like this. That's why I can't pretend I saw nothing.

I came closer to the bench she was resting on, extended my hand and combed her hair.


She suddenly raised to her feet.

Like the spring in a clock.

She immediately put her glasses back on.

"Who dared to touch my hair without warning?"

She rolled up her sleeves, fixed her hair and looked around. And then she stared at me.

Although I only wanted to wake her up, I thought that touching her body would be awkward, so I went with her hair, but in the end her reaction is the same.

"It's okay. I'm not suspicious."

I may not be suspicious but I had to say something. I raised my hands showing that I don't have any weapons and presented myself.

"I'm Araragi Koyomi, a third-year high school student at Naoetsu High School. It's famous for being the best high school in the neighborhood since many famous people graduate from it every year."

I said this very naturally, but just looking at the sign of the high school reminds me that, at this particular moment, I'm one of its worst students. Hearing that, the eyes of the white-haired girl lit up but she kept staring at me.

She just woke up but she seemed so energetic.

It's not like she's a detective and she found a criminal. Furthermore, the fact that I am a criminal is still to be confirmed.

"Sorry. Thank you for kindly waking me up."

After having said that, she kept looking at me like she could see through me. She then gently smiled and bowed.

"Hello, my name is Okitegami Kyouko and I'm the head of a detective agency. People also call me the forgetful detective. By the way, what is this place?"